Insurance For International Students And Travelers

Firebird International Insurance Group offers high quality, reliable, international student and traveler insurance products.

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International Student Service

Coverage Orientation

Quarterly Sessions

New international students need information on how their insurance plan works, where to get an ID card, how to find a doctor or hospital, how to submit a claim, and where to get help. We can handle that.

Doctor Searches

Simple Online Search

When a student needs a doctor they are typically sick and so need a simple and easy method to find doctors that accept their insurance. We provide online tools to make this search easy.

Claims Processing

Online Claim Process

When it is time for a student to submit a manual claim we provide an online solution or 24 hour phone support for submitting documentation and reviewing the claim in a timely manner.

Other Coverage Options

Firebird Insurance Group provides insurance solutions for international students and international travelers. Our plan options provide dependent, dental, study abroad, and business/leisure insurance.

Other Coverage Information